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Scarborough Dryer Vent Cleaning

Scarborough Residents: We Offer Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning


We get it: cleaning your dryer vents is the last thing on your mind as a busy homeowner in Scarborough. However, there are over $37 million in property damages and over 200 injuries in Canada every year, caused by dryer fires! It’s true. Not only should you clean the lint trap after every cycle, you should also get a complete dryer vent cleaning once a year. This job is one for the professionals, as there are many steps involved that require the attention and expertise of a trained expert. If you live in Scarborough, call Dr. Vent for affordable and reliable service.


We love to work in Scarborough, with a population of 253,000. It’s close to our headquarters located in North York. In fact, Dr. Vent services all of the GTA, with affordable, reliable dryer vent cleaning services. Have you been experiencing the following problems with your dryer lately?


Drying Time Seems Endless

Clothes Smell Musty

Overheating/Burning Smells

Excessive Lint

Dryer Shuts Off Before End Of Cycle

Laundry Room Gets Hotter Than Normal

Blocked Vent Hood

It’s Been Over a Year Since Last Cleaning

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